New Zealand mussels: 500 g (about 12 mussels),
unsalted butter: 100g, room temperature,
olive oil: 5 tbsp,
garlic: 3 cloves,
parsley: 1 sheath,
thyme: 1 sheath
cheese: 100 g,
lime: 2-3 big and juicy,
salt, white pepper: to taste

Once upon a time I tried mussels in some sushi bar and  immediately wanted to cook them at home. I searched the internet for the recipe but failed to find something decent. So I had to make my own recipe and since then this is one of my favourite dishes. Its easy to cook and you get a beautiful result — delicate mussels in a fragrant sauce and a good mood.



1. Separate the meat from the shell with a sharp knife, cut off the leg attached to the edge of the shell. We separate the meat to make it easier to eat.


2. Wash the shells thoroughly. Be careful, they are fragile at the edges, and we need the entire unbroken shell.


3. Wash from both sides. There is often seaweed on the reverse side, easily removed by a stiff sponge. Put clean shells on a towel to dry.


4. Mix the butter and olive oil until smooth.


5. Squeeze the juice of one big lime.


6. Chop the parsley finely.


7. Add parsley, lime juice, crushed garlic to the oil. Salt and pepper to taste.


8. Mix well.


9. Add the thyme leaves from two or three sprigs, stir.


10. Preheat oven to 180 degrees С. Then put the mussel meat to the shells, the size of meat should match the size of shells.


11. Put one teaspoonful of oil mixture over each mussel.


12. Gently spread the mix across the surface of the mussels meat.


13. Place them on a baking sheet. It is important to arrange them so that the cooking juice does not escape from the meat, this is the essense of this dish. On a conventional baking sheet I had to put a wooden toothpick or a match under each mussel to keep it steady and stable. Now I have a sheet with small grooves and my mussels stand there evenly and conveniently.


14. Grate the cheese finely.


15. Spread the cheese over the mussels.


16. Put the thyme among the mussels and place the pan to the upper top of the oven for no more than 8 minutes. If you overcook them they will become rubber.


17. While the mussels are in the oven, squeeze the lime juice. Cook white rice for side dish.


18. If you got some oil mixture left, then its not a problem. Just put it to refrigirator. This sause is perfect for any fish, meat or seafood dish.


19. Pull out the mussels after 10 minutes. The mussel meat should boil a little in its own juice and sauce in the shell, sauce should not leak. Let it rest to cool down, so we could move it to the dish.


20. Make a cup out of rice and thrust the edges of the mussels into the rice to have them stand steady and to prevent the juice from leaking. Pour each mussel with a teaspoonful of lime juice before eating.


21. Voila! Mussels are ready, serve them hot.

Bon Appetit!



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