Oats: 2 cups,
flour: 1 cup,
nonfat cottage cheese (or ricotta): 1 cup,
yogurt: 1 cup,
blueberries (or other berries): 1 cup,
zest of one lemon (or lime): 1 tablespoon,
lemon juice: 1 tbsp,
olive oil: 1 tablespoon,
baking powder: 1 tsp,
brown sugar (can be white): 3 tablespoons,
1 egg,
pinch of salt.

We have an increasing interest in oatmeal in recent years because of its health benefits. The daily consumption of an oatmeal dish can lower cholesterol in the blood, due to the fact that it high in soluble fiber. For a long time, rolled oats have played a part in many diets such as sports and recreation. Oatmeal contains more vitamins and calories than other cereals. No one would deny the usefulness of oatmeal, but not everyone likes it in the form of cereals, as it can seem boring, but these pancakes make it much more interesting. Oat cakes are a very tasty and healthy breakfast. This recipe is quite simple,  and will appeal to those who want to keep the diet as a prescription diet completely. The one thing you need to remember is to get all the products from the refrigerator in advance, we need them at room temperature, so our cakes are more lush.



1. Divide the oats in half and place one half in a blender or coffee grinder, grind into a coarse flour.


2. With the second half of oat flakes, place in a bowl and  pour over two cups of boiling water, leave to  the side.


3. In a bowl, beat cottage cheese well with yogurt.


4. Add the lemon zest back, lemon juice and olive oil. Mix well.


5. Add the egg. Stir.


6. Sift flour and baking powder, mix the flour with the sugar and salt.


7. Pour flour into the yogurt mixture, cottage cheese. Mix well.


8. Add the ground oatmeal and mix well until smooth.


9. Next, add the soaked oatmeal flakes and stir again.


10. Let the mixture brew for 20 minutes.


11. Heat the pan, grease it with a brush of olive oil, or oil spray. Spray is more convenient, it is more evenly distributes the oil over the surface of a very thin layer. If there is no spray, brush pan with oil.


12. Drop and spread tablespoons of the dough into the pan.


13. To fritter oatcakes well, bake them on low to medium heat, covered with a lid.


14. When golden brown, turn over, and again cover with a lid, fry until done, just a minute or two.


15. While the pancakes are frying, make the berry sauce. Put the berries and 3 tablespoons yogurt in blender. If this is not a diet option – add 2-3 tsp powdered sugar.


16. Beat yogurt and berries. We get a wonderful berry sauce.


17. This amount of ingredients will get you a beautiful hill of savory pancakes.


18. Serve piled on plates, pour over the berry sauce and start your day with a wonderful and terribly useful breakfast.

Bon Appetit!



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