5 medium potatoes,
1 tsp. heavy cream.

Most people know how to make mashed potatoes. This simple and classic recipe is from the book “On Cooking”.



1. Clean, wash and chop potatoes coarsely, put in the pot and fill with water. Water should cover potatoes, not more. Season with salt. Cook over medium heat until soft.


2. Do not taste! Determining whether potatoes are cooked is very simple, pierce the potatoes with a knife, if the knife slides easily, the potatoes are ready. Drain potatoes.


3. Mash the potatoes with a mixer, without adding water.


4. After you’ve mashed the potatoes to a saucy consistency, add your favorite ingredients, in this case a teaspoon of cream. Mix well.


5. Voila! The classic mashed potatoes are ready! This is a great side dish and can be combined with pretty nearly any dish. You can add almost any taste and aroma to your mashed potatoes, depending on what you serve them with. For example, you can add milk, pesto, or just about any compound butter. A couple of drops of truffle oil adds a delicious and spicy taste to your mash.

Bon Appetit!



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