225g flour,
50g granulated sugar (1 tablespoon),
7g baking powder (1 tsp.),
3g salt,
375ml whole milk,
30g unsalted butter,
2 small eggs,
200g cottage cheese or ricotta,
handful of raisins,
1 tablespoon vanilla essence,
melted butter (to grease the pan).

I found this basic recipe for pancakes, replaced blueberries with raisins, added creamed cottage cheese to the batter, and increased the amount of sugar. The result was this wonderful and healthy breakfast. It’s very easy and fast to cook. See for yourself.



1. Cover the raisins with boiling water. Put aside for a while so they soften.


2. Melt the butter and put aside to cool.


3. Mix the flour, salt, sugar and baking powder in a bowl.


4. Press the cheese through a sieve.


5. Add milk, eggs, butter and vanilla essence to the cheese. Mix well with a whisk.


6. Add this milk and cottage cheese mixture to the flour and mix well until smooth.


7. Drain the raisins and add to the batter. Mix well.


8. Warm the pan up well, grease with melted butter, if you have spray on butter, this can certainly be more convenient. Over medium heat, pour 60ml or 1/4 cup of batter into the middle of the pan.


9. Once bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake, flip pancake and fry for 20-30 seconds, until golden brown.


10. I got 14 lush and wonderful pancakes from these ingredients.


11. Voila! These pancakes are best served warm, topped with a little honey and vanilla ice cream, or berries, as you wish. The ice cream then turns into a very gentle and amazingly delicious vanilla sauce, and these pancakes are perfect! Serve with a glass full of orange juice. Tasty and good for the body and soul. This breakfast will put you into a good mood for the rest of your day!

Bon Appetit!



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