3 beef medallions, 
3-4 rashers of bacon, 
1 onion, 
1 clove garlic, 
20g unsalted butter, 
olive oil, 
black pepper freshly ground, 
butchers twine.

There’s nothing like a well cooked piece of meat! I love this medallion, it is especially good if you tie strips of bacon around it. The preparation is easy. However, it is important that the piece is the “correct cut.” The medallion is cut out the best part of a fillet, so the meat is always very soft and does not require much time to prepare.



1. Gently beat the pieces of meat, very lightly. This is in order to make the meat tender. When meat roasts, the internal fibers shrink and contract, and the meat can get tough. Beating the meat breaks fibers into small pieces, so when they contract, it does not cause unwanted effects.


2. Wrap each piece of bacon around the meat. Tie some string around to hold it in place.


3. Salt, pepper.


4. Heat the pan well and pour a small amount of olive oil into it. Infuse the salt and pepper into the meat just before placing them into the pan. Spread the fillets out and apply some pressure onto them. Do not move them around in the pan! Fry for about 2 minutes so.


4. Flip the meat over and fry on the other side for about 2 minutes. I like my fillets ‘medium rare’ with a little pink. If you like yours ‘well done’ just cook for another 1 to 1.5 minutes each side (total of 3-3.5 each side). No more! Would be sufficient. Do not move the pieces while frying as it does stops a good tasty crust to forming.


5. Fry the meat from the sides, for about two minutes, and add crushed garlic to the pan and butter.


6. Baste meat with butter.


7. Add chopped onion cut in half rings to the pan. Fry a few more minutes, until onion is soft. Pour this sauce over the meat.


8. Sprinkle the meat with rum or cognac.


9. Ignite (be careful!) and wait until the alcohol is burned.


10. Move the meat to the grate.


11. Make a sauce. Add a little of red wine and a little of heavy cream to the pan which we used for preparation of our medallions.


13. Simmer over low heat until thickened.


14. Voila! The meat is ready to be served with a salad or any other side dish. But I love this meat served with a salad. The sauce is very rich and well suited to our medallions. This is probably one of my favorite meat dishes, next to Rib-eye .

Bon Appetit!



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