6-8 middle-sized potatoes,
2 tbsp of olive oil,
white pepper.

Chateau potatoes  is a traditional side dish of French cuisine.  Potatoes are tourneed, parcooked and then sauteed until golden brown.



1. Peel and wash potatoes.


2. Carefully, using sharp knife tournee the potatoes. This way potatoes look much better and fry better because of small size.


3. You must get your potatoes of approximately this shape.


4. Pancook the potatoes. Place the potatoes to boiling water and parcook for approximately 5-7 minutes (depends on the thickness of the potatoes).  They should still be raw in the middle.


5. Remove the potatoes and let them  dry.


6. Heat the pan over medium heat, add 2 tsp. of olive oil and melt butter into it.


7. Spread the potatoes on the pan and saute over medium heat on all sides until golden brown. Season with salt and pepper after you remove the potatoes from the pan.


8. Voila! Chateau potatoes are ready to serve. Actually, its a traditional side dish for the chateaubriand steak in bearnaise sauce. But I think you can use it as a side dish for any type of meat. Try beef meatballs in cream sause, for example.

Bon Appetit!



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