2 pieces of steak (ribeye),
10g butter.

There’s nothing like an excellent steak! The most important thing is to cook it properly. A few minutes and you’re done, it is important not to cook it for too long or it will become like a rubbery shoe.  You need to choose a good cut of steak as not all cuts will work for frying.



1. Warm up the pan, it is important that it is as hot as possible. Cooking the steak in a griddle pan will give a great flavour and doesn’t require oil. I bought this particular pan from IKEA.  


2. While the pan is heating, gently tenderise both sides of the steak with a meat mallet.


3. Season with salt and pepper. Rub the whole steak with garlic. 


4. Put the meat on the hot frying pan. Let the steak cook for one and half minutes on one side, turn, then cook for another 40 seconds. It is important to avoid turning the meat too often or the meat will not caramelize and form a delicious crust.


5. Now we turn, fry for another minute and a half.


6. We move the steak off the pan onto a plate. Now put a square of butter and some herbs (I used rosemary) on top, cover the meat using foil or another plate then rest for 10 minutes to make the steak extra juicy. 


7. While resting the meat garnish your serving plate. Fried potatoes and salad make a great side dish. 

Bon Appetit!



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