30g flour, 180g sugar,
500ml milk,
6 egg yolks,
1 tablespoon vanilla essence ,
30g unsalted butter.

Custard is a very important ingredient for deserts like custard cake or pie, and it’s very important that the custard is perfect.  When I’ve made it before it seems to be nothing but complicated, I’ve used many recipes but it never turns out like I imagine. The book “On Cooking” (page 1261) has a perfect recipe with a fantastic taste and texture. This recipe has turned out better then my previous attempts.



1. Mix flour and sugar.


2. In a separate container mix half the milk with the yolks.


3. Add the sugar and flour into milk-egg mixture.  Mix very well, so there are no lumps.


4. Pour the remaining milk and vanilla essence into a pot. Put over heat. 


5. As soon as the milk begins to boil – remove it from the fire. Gradually pour 1/3 of the milk into the milk-egg-flour mixture. Whisk wel


6. Now pour all of the milk-egg-flour mixture into the pot with the hot milk.


7. Boil over high heat until it thickens. At some stage, the milk will start to curl and clumps, do not let this scare you, just keep whisking. Once the custard begins to boil, let it boil for just 1 minute and remove from heat.


8. Pour the custard into a cold bowl.


9. Add butter to the finished custard. Stir it in very slowly, if you stir it too fast the custard will become a liquid.


10. Voila! The perfect custard is ready. You can use it anyway your heart desires, I want to use mine in Eclairs.

Bon Appetit!



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