2 tomatoes,
1 cucumber,
pinch of paprika,
2 tablespoons pitted olives,
1 tablespoon sesame seeds,
parmesan cheese, for sprinkling,

for dressing:
3 tablespoons olive oil,
lemon zest,
juice of half a lemon,
1 garlic clove,

There is nothing complicated about this salad, feel free to change the vegetables used according to your personal taste.



1. Make the dressing. Mix the olive oil, zest, lemon juice, and minced garlic. Stir well and set aside.


2. Clean and dry the lettuce leaves. Spread them on the bottom of the serving dish. Peel the cucumber, slice it finely and lay out on top of the salad leaves.


3. Cut the bell peppers, put on the plate.


4. Next, the tomatoes and chives.


5. Season with salt and pepper. I use Maldon salt. Maldon salt is one of the best and most recognizable brands on the market. It’s soft white flaky crystals are completely natural and free from artificial additives. Maldon – is sea salt, with a distinctive texture and flavour, so when much less is needed while cooking. This salt is free of the bitter taste that is often associated with other salts, its characteristic clean fresh taste enhances the flavour of all natural and gourmet foods.


6. Fry the sesame seeds in a pan.


7. Drizzle the salad with the dressing. Before serving, add the olives, sesame seeds and parmesan. That’s it!

Bon Appetit!



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