500g New Zealand mussels (about 12 mussels),
4  strips of bacon,
1 medium onion,
30g red pepper,
30g green pepper,
180g butter,
15ml lemon juice,
10ml oyster sauce ,
tabasco sauce to taste,
60g breadcrumbs,

Nutritious and easy to prepare, mussels are considered the ideal food in many ways.  These mussels are tender and fragrant. The herbs and spices in this recipe can be altered to your taste, I am very partial to this version, particularly with the vegetable and bacon combination. These mussels come out very rich with a complex and delicious flavour, and are fairly nutritious! This recipe is from the book “On Cooking” (page 632).



1. Separate the mussel meat from the shells so it is easier to eat and prepare. Clean the mussels on both sides being careful not to break the shell. I’ve showed you how to wash them in this recipe.


2. Finely chop the bacon. Fry it on medium heat until it’s nicely browned.


3. While the bacon is cooking, slice the ​​onions and peppers. I did not have red pepper so I used a yellow pepper, I don’t think it will make too much of a difference.


4. Remove the excess fat from the pan, this will be about 2 tablespoons.


5. Add the vegetables to the bacon and fry until soft until the vegetables are completely soft.


6. Pulse the vegetables and bacon in a blender. Three pulses should do it.


7. Put the vegetables into a freezer to cool.


8. Mix 120 grams butter with lemon juice, oyster sauce and tabasco sauce. Add it to the bacon and vegetable mix.


9. Mix until smooth, season with salt to taste. Add a crushed garlic clove if you like.


10.  Melt the remaining 60g of butter in a small saucepan, mix with the breadcrumbs. Immediately remove from the heat, allow to cool.


11. Loosen the flesh from the shell.


12. Put a tablespoon of the vegetable and bacon mixture over each muscle, gently spread it so it covers the entire surface.


13. Smear the bread crumbs on top, as if sealing the shell.


14. Arrange onto a pan. It is important to arrange them so the juices do not spill out, this is essential for the cooking process. If you are using a normal flat baking pan prop the mussels up with some tooth picks. I use a grooved baking pan.  Cook in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees C for 10 minutes. Until the the breadcrumbs are lightly browned.


15. While the mussels are in the oven, squeeze the lime juice. Cook white rice to have as a side dish.


16. Voila! The mussels are ready! Sprinkle each mussel with lime juice before eating.

Bon Appetit!



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